We look forward to welcoming you to our Cotswold Wedding Show. If you wish to exhibit at our next event please complete and submit the below form.


Exhibition Stands are only secure once booking form AND payment is made and you have received a confirmation email from A Cotswold Wedding.

Payments are to be made in FULL and by the due date on your invoice, full payment not made by the due date may put your stand at risk.

Payments are non refundable. Should you be unable to attend the show, every effort will be made to find a replacement exhibitor for your stand space and in the event this happens a refund will be given to you. However A Cotswold Wedding CANNOT guarantee this and as such should your space not be filled a refund will not be made.

It is forbidden to sell on your stand space to a third party. Any issues with attendance after confirming your stand space must be directed to A Cotswold Wedding in writing.

If you have selected the ‘leaflets in goody bag; option it is your responsibility to ensure that these are received by us a minimum of one week before the show date.

By filling in the booking form I understand that I have booked a space at the Cotswold Wedding Show, and I am liable to make full payment for the show by the due date on the invoice I am sent.

A Cotswold Wedding reserves the right to cancel your stand at any time. In the unlikely event of this – a full refund will be given.

If the show is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances ie bad weather – an alternative date will be given and the booking transferred.

Your stand must be ready 15 minutes before the doors open and we ask that you do not take down your stand until after the agreed show closing time, unless directed to do so by a member of the A Cotswold Wedding team.

If you have selected the electricity option, A Cotswold Wedding will endeavor to provide this for all who have selected this option. However it may be that we are unable to provide electricity for all on the day, in this situation priority will be given to those exhibitors such as photography/videography, photo booths, MUA’s and  light up props. If you are unclear how they may effect your or have any concerns please direct them to acotswoldwedding@gmail.com.

A Cotswold Wedding cannot guarantee the number of couples through the door, however A Cotswold Wedding reassures all exhibitors that we run extensive marketing and advertising campaigns which are designed to ensure that the day/event/show is successful.

Upon submission of my completed booking form I will be sent an invoice for the full amount for my stand. This invoice must be paid in full by the Due Date on the invoice otherwise I may be at risk of losing the stand space.

I hereby agree to the above terms and conditions and understand that my exhibition stand is not secured until a completed booking form and full payment have been made. I also understand that payments are non transferable between shows and non refundable.

Please click the box in the booking form to confirm you accept our Terms and Conditions.

Thanks for booking!

Sophie & A Cotswold Wedding Team